Our Programs


We offer the following programs

1-on-1 individual coaching sessions to set a foundation in mental toughness, resiliance, nutrition, and sport specific physical training.

Group sessions for elite-level sport-specific training with a heavy mental component.

For more information on our highschool packages, please email us at [email protected].

Training Tiers

We have 3 tiers with add-on packages as follows..

Team Training Tiers

Tier 1

4 mental performance team sessions during the regular season


Tier 2

1 Mental performance team session/week, 1 game sideline support/week


Tier 3

1 Mental performance team session /week, 1 game sideline support/week, unlimited individual coaching sessions



Post season Tier 1

$450/wk, 1 Team Session/wk

Post season Tier 2

$600/wk, 1 Team Session/wk and Unlimited Individual Sessions

Individual Training Tiers

Tier 1

Mental and physical training 1-3 times per week for as low as $80/hr